Expand Your Markets

Revolutionise your consultancy & research projects into state-of-the-art services

Integrate and distribute your consultancy, data, and research services securely through Navigate Commodities’ digital commodity analytics platform.

The Navigator platform offers a cost-effective and sensible approach to project distribution, giving third-party consultancies a way to:


Grow your business with the support of our Sales & Marketing team
With the support of our platform, you will not only be able to leverage one of the world’s most unique data delivery mechanisms but also take advantage of our Sales & Marketing channels. This will drive a substantial increase in the scalability and distribution of your projects to a wider audience.


Distribute your projects via cutting-edge delivery mechanisms
Deliver your projects through our state-of-the-art digital platform with integrated billing, payment, communication, scheduling, and distribution services. We’ve taken care of the infrastructure so that you can spend your time generating revenue.


Control access to your consultancy projects and services
Benefit from your own dedicated, secure distribution channel to assist in supervising entitlements for individual users and groups to your services. On your behalf, we will authenticate and authorize every end-user, with your permission, to the relevant consultancy, data, and research projects.


Focus your attention on primary, revenue-generating activities
Developing a digital and professional platform with premium, integrated features from scratch can be an incredibly capital and labour intensive process. By leveraging our innovative digital infrastructure, we can help you to reduce costs, save time and focus on core revenue-generating.

We believe in building collaborative, mutually beneficial partnerships where everybody wins – most of all our customers. We do not see walls, only bridges.

If that sounds like you or your organization, please do reach out to discuss how we can support each other.

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